Easter 2022

April 17, 2022
Easter 2022
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Learning On The Way

Read John 10:18. Jesus chose to lay down his life. He was not a victim. How does reflecting on what Jesus endured on our behalf make the Gospel more valuable to you? How does it help you not to take it for granted?

Talk about some times when you felt terror and joy at the same time as one emotion. Are there times when you have felt that way as it relates to your Christian life?

The gospel doesn’t deny the suffering and the horror of this world but instead participates in it. How does the gospel give you different perspectives on your situation and experiences? Give an example from your own life where you have hope only because of the gospel.

Do you think of the resurrection often or just around Easter? Do you think of every Lord’s Day (Sunday) as a celebration of the resurrection? If not, why don’t you think that way? What are some steps that can be taken to ensure your mind is on the victory Christ accomplished at the crucifixion and resurrection each Sunday?