Does Your Faith Work?

October 3, 2022
Does Your Faith Work?
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Learning on the Way

Jn 14:11-14 Jesus reminds us that he is in unity with God the Father, and that anyone who believes in him will do the works that he (Jesus) does. In this scripture Jesus is using “belief” as a verb, an action. Think about what you believe about Jesus. Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God, the Messiah? Or do you merely think he might be?

How does your belief or lack of belief manifest itself? How does your belief lead to baith in action?

How is your faith working? What are some fruits of your faith? Have your group encourage one another by sharing some fruits they have witnessed in one another.

Jesus calls all believers to continue his ministry. What is your ministry, and how can your group help you with your ministry?

Every opportunity to evangelize (share Gods word), serve (live Gods word), and disciple (love and edify Gods people with God’s word) is an opportunity to help grow Gods kingdom. What affects your ability, or willingness to evangelize, serve, love, and disciple others? Do you allow yourself to be discipled? What hinders you and how can your group help you to be more obedient in this?