September 11, 2013

Series: Abuse

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Learning on The Way:

Thinking of the word dirty, what words, images, or experiences come to mind? Describe the look, feel and smell of these words.

What does clean look like? What does clean feel like to us, practically, spiritually and emotionally? How do you try to move from unclean to clean?

“I can’t relax. I can’t enjoy life. I am too busy thinking about how others see me, what they think of me —to be free, comfortable, content.” Do you think your shame keeps you from feeling clean? How does our shame, our dirt come through to our outside? How would you describe yourself? What do you think people see when they look at you? What do you hope they don’t see?

If you were given a sacrifice to take your shame, would you use it? If you say not is it because you think you are too dirty and it’s not enough? Or is it because you are mad at God because of why or how you became unclean?

We are called to be sanctified by Christ. We are to be made holy by our sanctification. When holy people, holy things are used profanely, they become common.  If we bring things back into our lives that will profane us, we lose connection with God. We are made common again.  Our sanctification can be stunted by our constant reintroduction of the common into our life of holiness.  What are you bringing into your life that is making you common again?

When you are holy and consecrated by God, you are associated with the king. There is no shame when we are connected with God. There is no thought to the opinions of others towards you when you are consecrated, valued and cherished by God. Do you feel that you are being consecrated by God and made holy? How does this fact change how you live your life, how you feel about yourself?