Dealing with Conflict

November 12, 2018

Topic: conflict, marriage

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Learning on The Way

1. Marriage is two sinners married to each other. When conflict arises it is important for us to be more aware of being a sinner than we are of being sinned against. Is your first response to seeing yourself as a sinner or as a victim what has been sinned against? Are you tempted to put on your “I’ve been sinned against” shirt and continue to have a victim mentality? How does this manifest in your day to day life?

2. We tend to gloss over our sin and see clearly the sins of others. In the message, we learned that we need to see our sin first. See our sin as worse and deal with our sin the most. Do you struggle with any of those steps? In what ways have you seen that in your life since Sunday? Have you seen these three steps make a difference in your relationships this week? How?

3. Read Matthew 7:4-5. We are hypocrites if we are constantly trying to address the sin of others before addressing our own. Have you ever been a hypocrite? Do you approach relationships with the intent just to show others their sin? Is your life marked with a lack of mercy and grace for others?

4. Circumstances never cause us to sin. Our circumstances simply reveal the sin that was already in our heart. How does that change how you view your circumstances? In what ways have your circumstances revealed sin that needed to be addressed? Have you been able to be thankful that God has used your circumstances to expose dangerous sin in your heart?

5. We should be focused on the undeserved grace we have received instead of being consumed with the unmet needs we think we have. What bitterness and resentment have you seen in your life as a result of focusing on unmet needs?