Correction Part 2

December 10, 2018
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Learning on The Way

Have you ever found yourself in a Nathan-like situation, needing to go to someone to confront them on something they have done? What are some thoughts and feelings you have experienced in that situation?

Like Nathan, we need to exercise three spiritual skills – Wisdom, meekness, and courage. If you had to go to spiritual surgery school, how would you arrange your three skill classes for what you need most? Explain why you would arrange them that way.

Which do the following pre-op questions do you struggle with the most?
1. Have I Prayed or Am I Just Reacting and Going in the Flesh?
2. Am I Going because I See a Pattern or Am, I Just Reacting to a Single Incident?
3. Am I Focused on One Area or Am I Going in with a ‘Laundry List’ of Concerns?
4. Can I be Concise or Am I just Going to ‘Unload’ and Pontificate?
5. Is this a ‘Hit and Run’ or Am I Willing to See this Problem through to the End?
6. Am I Ready to Ask Questions or Am I in a Hurry to Make Accusations?
7. Am I Focused on Promoting God’s Truth or My Personal Own Preferences?

How have you turned your preferences into sin and tried to convince your spouse or others to change to suit your needs? How has God used your spouses’ differences to help you grow and change into the person he wants you to be?