Correction - Part 1

December 3, 2018
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Learning on The Way

1. If we are going to invite correction, we need to humble ourselves and swallow our pride. Do you find yourself shocked when faced with correction? Have you ever thought about how this shock reveals pride in your life?

2. Instead of inviting correction we often try to deflect correction. We deflect by getting angry, indigent, with tears, and by trying to discredit the messenger. How do you typically try to deflect correction? Have you ever thought about how this reveals the pride lurking in your heart?

3. Sometimes we can be so busy learning about God that we neglect to let God teach us anything about ourselves. We don’t take time to listen to God or others instead we are consumed with what we have to tell or teach others. We neglect big areas of our character which leaves a huge character stain on our shirt. Have you ever found yourself not listening to God or not allowing God to teach you about yourself through those closest to you?

4. We often think that the correction we receive is more than we deserve but in the sermon, we were reminded that no matter what the correction, it is always less than we deserve. Where do you find yourself believing that the correction you receive is more than you deserve? How does understanding what Christ did on the cross help you to remember that any correction you receive is less than you deserve?

Extras this week:

Ask your spouse if you are approachable. Ask them if you receive correction well.