Corporate Worship - 3

September 19, 2022
Corporate Worship - 3
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Learning on the Way

Thinking back on the entire series on corporate worship, where have you been encouraged? Where have you been challenged? Where do you see a need for change in your life?

Most everyone at Church on the Way espouses the doctrine of the “sufficiency of Scripture.” However, sometimes our lives are inconsistent with what we profess. What are some of those areas for you? Where does your life contradict your belief in the sufficiency of Scripture?

When you were baptized do you think you fully appreciated the significance of that moment? What have you learned about baptism as you have matured as a Christian that has helped you appreciate its significance in a fuller way? (Leaders, if there are members of your small groups that are believers but have yet to be baptized, now might be a good opportunity to broach the subject).

The sermon pointed out a couple of significant things about the Lord’s Supper (remembrance and anticipation) that would help us appreciate it more. What are some other significant things about the Lord’s Supper that have helped you appreciate it more deeply and would also help us appreciate it when we share the Lord’s Supper in the future?