Corporate Worship - 2

September 13, 2022
Corporate Worship - 2
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Learning on the Way

Do you think mutual edification in worship depends on God, others, or you?

God’s people are commanded to worship Him and Him alone. While we may not bow down to stone or wooden idols, we can sometimes devote ourselves to other things like our jobs, hobbies, money, and the list can go on. Do you find yourself devoting yourself to other things at the expense of worship and service to God? What do you do to realign your devotion and center it on God?

Do you think it matters how you worship God in church or do you think you can offer whatever sort of worship you desire? When you worship God is it guided by and centered on His Word or how you feel at the moment?

Have you ever been encouraged when you heard or saw someone else in the congregation singing? Tell us about that. Have you ever been encouraged in corporate worship when you pressed beyond how you felt and begin to engage in corporate worship, whether in singing, reading, or praying the Word? Why do you think you were encouraged by that?

How do you think you are “praying the word” when someone else is leading the prayer? How can you be involved in the public reading of the Word when we are all reading and when only one person is reading?