Abuse - Introduction

August 12, 2013

Series: Abuse

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Learning on the Way:

1. After hearing this message on sexual abuse, including the definition of abuse, how has your perception on this subject changed? How and in what ways?

2. What was your response to the statistics from the beginning of the message? Did any of the information present surprise you?

3. The opposite of abuse is not the absence of abuse but justice. What does the word justice mean to you?

4. In Luke 10:26-37 Jesus relays the parable of the Good Samaritan. Specifically, in verse 33, the Samaritan does three things.

  1. He crossed the street, walked to the person in need not away from him. Do you walk towards hurting people or away? In what situations do you find it hard to walk towards people in need?
  2. He saw him. We see Jesus doing this over and over in the gospels.
    We need to be really seeing people who are hurting. Do you feel like you really see people? How has God allowed you to really see people and their needs so far this week?
  3. He had compassion. Not judgment.

If you are so busy offering help but not willing to ask for help yourself then you are guilty of judging. Because you are thinking about how good you are for never needing help.

He didn’t just throw money at the problem

He didn’t expect the victim to pay for his help.

How does each of those statements affect or apply to you? Are they convicting in any way? How?