Luke 11:29-36

February 11, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 11:29-36
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Learning on The Way

It is an understanding of God’s grace that makes a person a Christian and not merely a moral person or a religious person or a nice person. This understanding of God’s grace comes through repentance and this is more than just saying you are sorry. Read this article 8 Signs of True Repentance and talk about the difference between repentance and saying you are sorry.

Grace by definition is unfair it is undeserved merit or favor. Jonah was angry at God for sending him to offer repentance to the Ninevites and got angrier when they repented. Have you ever struggled with someone that you did not think deserved salvation coming to know Christ? Have you ever gotten angry with a Christian that you thought showed too much grace to others? Where do you find yourself getting angry because of the continued grace that God shows?

We live in a very special time in redemptive history in that we have easy access to the wisdom of God in the Word of God. How do you find yourself resisting taking in God’s word in your life? If you are steadily taking in God’s word do you find yourself resonating with God’s truth when you hear it from other places? (see John 14:6, John 17:17, John 16:13) Or do you struggle to discern from podcasts, sermons, and books what is the wisdom of God? (see Ephesians 4:14)