Secret Church


Can you keep a Secret?

So by now, you have probably heard the government has asked all groups of 10 or more to not gather together to help slow down the spread of Covid-19. This means that church services, as usual, can’t be church services as usual.

Thankfully the leaders of the church have been planning for this day. Though we did not expect it to happen because of a virus. We were thinking more zombie apocalypse, one world order Illuminati style take over. But we knew that at some point to continue to preach the word of God faithfully is going to become an issue in our culture that will no longer be tolerated by those who champion “being tolerant” of everyone.

We will be initiating our secret church protocol. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to join us on Sunday morning at 11 am. To ensure the safety of everyone involved you will be sent a secret link with viewing instructions for how to be a part of this week’s service. The link will not self destruct (we are still working on that) but will come an hour before the service starts.