The Danger of Anger

September 26, 2022
The Danger of Anger
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Learning on the Way

  1. Anger is an active response. Do you consider anger a choice or as something you have little control over?
  2. Human sinful anger begins as a wounded spirit. As Christians we should be mindful and careful of our interactions with others to avoid wounding others. The sermon gave three examples of how we can wound others: with our words, the tone of our words, and our nonverbal communication. Have you ever been convicted or confronted about any of these in your relationships with other? What was your response? Did you listen and respond, or did you deflect and put the blame on the other person?
  3. When you are wounded, do you handle it Biblically- by forgiving and overlooking or confronting? Do you have times when you find yourself rehearsing past offenses of others in your mind, creating a list of offenses between you and the other person? How has that negatively affected the relationship and your own self?
  4. When you reach the anger stage do you internalize or vent? Anger’s purpose is to destroy something. Give an example of where your anger either destroyed you or someone else. How did God use that experience for your good?
  5. Have you ever found yourself struggling with stubbornness or rebellion? How did God bring you back to him?