Psalm 8

May 31, 2021
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Learning on The Way

1. Do you have times where you feel worthless or like a failure? In What areas is this the biggest struggle for you?

2. We need to see our smallness and remember it is not about us. Do you have unrealistic expectations or Godlike expectations that you can control people, situations, your health, etc? How do these expectations affect your daily life and relationships? Do you create an idol out of being perfect?

3. God uses the weak, helpless, and small. How is this counterintuitive to you? Where do you actively work against the idea of being weak? How have you seen God work through your weaknesses?

4. Our worth only comes from being created and loved by the creator. And He has created a place for us to work and serve. Do you struggle to see worth in your work and service? How can you see it as worship?

5. Dale listed three truths to remember. We feel worthless when we 1. Forget we are all image bearers with a part to play in the body, 2. Forget we are designed to reflect Him and not ourselves and 3. When we forget we are all image bearers and not competitors. Of those three which do you forget most often? How does the Spirit help you to remember those truths?