Psalm 69

November 6, 2023
Psalm 69
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Learning on the Way

Did it surprise that a place that was once so Christian could become what North Korea is today? Did you spend any time so far this week praying for the believers in North Korea? What would be different about how you would live out your Christian faith if you lived in North Korea? Take a moment before continuing and pray for your brother and sisters in North Korea as a group.

Have you ever been persecuted for the Gospel (not for being a pain or for a secondary issue of doctrine)? Briefly share that story and how it affected you.

Do you tend to act like everything is okay when everything is not okay? Why do you think you do that? What does Scripture teach about being honest before God and before our brothers and sisters in Christ?

How does the knowledge of your own sin affect the way you respond to persecution and difficulties? Do you tend to make it all about yourself? Are you slow to confess your sin when you’re being persecuted? If so, what makes you slow to confess sins?

Have you ever been rejected by friends or family members (or mocked by the ungodly)? How did God bring you comfort in that time? What scriptures helped you during those times of rejection? How can we, as your small group, help get you on track and keep you on track in persistent prayer and praise?