Psalm 68

October 24, 2023
Psalm 68
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Learning on the way

How have you seen the Lord scatter your enemies (sin, temptation, hindrances to sanctification and maturity) in recent days? Briefly share that testimony with your small group.

Do you lack confidence that God will keep His promises and bring to completion what He began in you? What do you think is the source of that lack of confidence? What do the Scriptures say about God keeping His promises and completing what He began in you?

How has the turmoil we see increasing around the world affected you personally? What can we pray with you about as it relates to this? What are some places we can find encouragement and strength when we feel overwhelmed by sin all around us, or we lack assurance that God will safely keep us?

When we feel overwhelmed and afraid, it is easy for us to turn inward and focus on ourselves. How can we maintain our love for God and others when we become anxious or afraid? How can we be sure we stay on mission in sharing the Gospel with unbelievers?