Psalm 66-67

October 30, 2023
Psalm 66-67
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Learning on the Way

What have been the most difficult circumstances you have experienced up until this point in your life?

We can let our view of God inform our circumstances or let our circumstances inform our view of God. Does your perspective on life give you hope or bring despair? What steps can you take to change your perspective? How can we help each other view life from the right perspective?

God is the one refining us. Why do you think that principle leads to joy? Have you found your trials and difficulties to bring you joy (even though it may not bring you happiness)? What does Scripture have to say about trials for Christians? How does that differ from your understanding (perspective) on trials and sufferings for Christians?

Does your corporate worship reflect the kind of corporate worship depicted in Psalm 66? If not, why? What can you do to ensure that your worship more accurately reflects corporate worship in Scripture?

Does your corporate worship “trickle out” into your worship the rest of the week? Why is it so important that we worship all week and not just for an hour or so on Sunday? How do you worship privately during the week? What areas need improvement? How can we hold each other accountable to corporate and private worship?

How are you praying for God’s plan to be fulfilled both personally and generally? Are you confident that God will hear your prayers and fulfill His promises? How does that give you hope for the future and courage to persevere in serving the Lord?