Psalm 64-65

October 16, 2023
Psalm 64-65
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Learning on the way

Sometimes, words can cause harm and division. Do you wound yourself over and over with the words that are spoken to you? Have you ever been affected by a conspiracy either as the target or as an agent of division? What are some scriptural truths you can rehearse in your mind to combat the harmful words of others?

We need to let God shoot the arrows and not rush to our own defense. Is this something you struggle with? Do you ever doubt your recollection or perception of a situation, or do you always assume your perception is correct? How do you resist the urge to defend yourself?

Often, we focus on teaching people to praise instead of teaching them how to be grateful. Out of our gratitude will flow praise. Do you tend to look down at your circumstances or up at Jesus? How has he changed your perception and outlook during difficult times?

What are some areas in your life where you know God has blessed you, but you haven’t expressed gratitude for it (like the 9 lepers in Luke)? Share that testimony with your small group and give God thanks to them. Do you put aside time to celebrate God’s goodness? How do you show your gratitude? How can you be sure you express gratitude to God when He blesses you?