Psalm 62-63

October 8, 2023
Psalm 62-63
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Learning on the Way

  1. What things do you look forward to in life? What hopes do you have for your future?
  2. We put our hopes in things that are too little. Our ultimate hope should be in God alone. Are there any circumstances, outcomes and events that tend to hijack where you place your hope?
  3. David commands himself to remember the words, truths, and promises of God in this difficult time. What ways do you have to remind yourself of these things when you are tempted to forget? What truths or scriptures are your biggest help during these times?
  4. Human solutions are a delusion, vanity, a vapor. Don’t expect from humans what you can only get from God. What places are you tempted to turn to in order to take control and fix your situations? Family? Government? How can you take your thoughts captive so that you can trust in God and not yourself?
  5. We need to experience God more and more each day. What are the natural outcomes in your life when you experience more and more of God? Have you ever felt satisfied in God? Describe how this led you to know him more and to love people. Give an example of an area you’d like to love people more.