Psalm 60-61

October 1, 2023
Psalm 60-61
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Learning on the way

What is your first response to difficult situations in your life? How long do you spend trying to figure things out yourself, and what finally causes you to cry out to God? Why do you think we typically turn to ourselves instead of turning to God first in our distressing situations?

Talk about why you may find it easy or difficult to trust God’s sovereignty over everything. How does knowing God is sovereign over everything affect the way you live your life? How does it affect the way you face hardships?

Take a minute and read Matthew 5-7. Jesus, in these chapters, lays out what the New Testament Christian’s “performance of vows” should look like. Do you find living in obedience to Jesus’ words painful and laborious? Why do you think that is? How can you find joy in Jesus so you may “sing praise as you perform your vows?” What kind of song are you singing with your life?

Did you compare Psalms 44&45 with Psalms 60-61? Talk about some of the ways they compare and contrast. How does knowing Jesus is King comfort you in distressing times? How does anticipating the return of King Jesus motivate you to live in the present?