Psalm 58-59

September 25, 2023
Psalm 58-59
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Learning on the way

David describes the wicked as dogs on the prowl in Psalm 59. What does this imagery convey about the behavior of these individuals, and how does it relate to their actions?

Jesus referred to certain people as a “brood of vipers.” How does this relate to David’s description of the wicked in Psalm 58? What does your speech say about the condition of your heart?

How does God’s vengeance inform the way you live your life? How does God’s victory through Christ at Calvary inform your life? What do you think the connection is between God’s vengeance against His enemies and the victory Christ won at the cross? Why is this important?

Share a testimony of when the Lord delivered you personally. How did you respond to God in that instance? How did you respond to those God delivered you from? How does the Gospel teach you to respond to God and to those who God delivers you from?

Psalms is a book of songs of God’s people singing of the victories God has won for them. How does your life sing/testify of the victory God has won for you and for all His people? What are some areas you need the Holy Spirit to help you sing a better song to the Lord (have a better testimony before people)?