Psalm 44

July 3, 2023
Psalm 44
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Learning on the way

What are some things that challenge your trust in God? How does God’s past deliverance in your life (salvation) inform the way you trust Him now?

Do you feel comfortable expressing your complaints and emotions to God? If so, what do you know about God that makes you able to do that? If not, what do you believe about God that makes you uncomfortable pouring out your complaint to Him?

When faced with hardship is your first reaction to turn to God or to turn to your own strength or the potential idols in your life (placing your trust in other things, even good things)? What normally causes you to turn to God after you fail in trusting yourself or false gods? What can be done to help you turn to God first?

What about seeing Christ as the ultimate innocent sufferer gives you hope when you feel you are suffering unjustly? How can we ensure that when we face life’s difficulties we look to Jesus and place our hope in Him? What are some things that hinder us from doing that and how can we overcome them?