Psalm 42-43

June 26, 2023
Psalm 42-43
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Learning on the way

Are you experiencing a season of loss in your life? How has the Word of God brought comfort and hope to you? Have any psalms brought comfort and hope over the years? If so, which one(s) and how?

Have you ever faced depression? What triggered it? What did you do to find relief? What were some ways you sinned or failed during that season? What were some things you learned in that season?

How do you find hope and strength when you gather with God’s people to worship? When you are unable to gather, do you truly miss it? Do you miss being able to gather from a place of love or a place of guilt? How can we align our hearts too long to worship with God’s people?

Are you comfortable expressing to God how you are feeling? Why or why not? How do your prayers change when you are feeling depressed versus when you are not?