Psalm 35

January 3, 2022

Book: Psalms

Psalm 35
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Learning on The Way

When you feel betrayed who do you turn for protection? God or yourself? If yourself, how has this hindered your relationship with God? A loving rebuke(1) can sometimes be interpreted as a betrayal depending on how we respond to any kind of correction. Think about the last time someone tried to bring a sin issue to your attention. How did you respond, by shutting down or defending yourself or turning to God and asking his Holy Spirit to help you see your sin?

How does focusing on God’s glory, instead of our own vindication, give us a better hope when our friends become enemies?

When you feel betrayed who do you tell? God or your friends? Do you tell God or turn to social media and make a passive aggressive post to rally supporters?

Do you keep others at a distance because of past betrayal? If so, how does that look in your life? What are some ways the Christian community, especially our local congregation, help us when we are/feel betrayed?

(1. there are times however the way in which some Christians, acting as the self-appointed sin police, go about what they think is a loving rebuke is really a form of personal attack. This is not what I mean by loving rebuke.)