Psalm 28

October 18, 2021
Psalm 28
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Learning on the Way

1. David cries out to God in a dramatic way in verse 1 and 2. Do you find it easy to go to God with your heart felt emotions? Do you try to clean up or posture or look more together before you go to God? How does your prayer life look like?

2. We idolize control and keep pockets of control in our lives instead of going to God our rock. Where or what are your idols of control? Health? Freedoms? Wealth? Comfort? How are these idols of control impacting your intimacy with God?

3. God wants a personal relationship with us. He wants us to come to Him with all of our issues and needs. We should also confess and repent of specific sins. Does your relationship with God consists of specifics or generalities? How

4. When God grants us His peace, he wants us to intercede in prayer for others. How do you find yourself treating others that have not yet found God’s peace? Do you intercede for those who don’t agree with you especially in these uncertain times? Or do you find yourself mocking them? Do you find yourself needing everyone else to agree with you to make you feel more secure and to have peace? Or do you rely solely on God for your peace?