Psalm 24

September 20, 2021
Psalm 24
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Learning on the Way

1. The earth belongs to God and everything in it. Does your attitude reflect that you believe that everything belongs to God or that your things belong to you?

2. Becasue “the earth is the Lords and the fullness therein”, we don’t simply reject those things or people in this world that have been tainted by sin but instead see them as people made in God’s image (see 1 Corinthians 10). How does seeing other human beings as being people treated as image bearers of God affect the way you treat them? If you were to see your enemies this way how that change with the way you interact with them? How have you seen God redeem something or someone that has been tainted by sin?

3. This Psalm lists four qualifications for who can enter God’s presence: 1. Clean hands- pure actions, 2. Pure Hearts- pure motives, 3. Don’t trust in lies, 4. Not swearing deceitfully. Where do you see yourself falling short? How does this point you to Jesus?

4. The end of this Psalm points us to the future in Jesus that we can expect. How does Jesus’ victory over death and his triumphant return bring you hope? How has it brought you comfort and strength in a difficult time?