Psalm 16

July 26, 2021
Psalm 16
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Learning on The Way

1. In Psalm 16 David is giving us insight into the inner thoughts of Jesus in the face of his coming death. Based on this Psalm and other parts of scripture, how can you learn from or relate to how Christ is thinking and feeling at this time?

2. David had a commitment to God and took refuge in God. Is God your first refuge or last resort? Where do you find solace or refuge other than God? David knows his heart and knows that he also needs God’s protection from himself? Are there places where you self-sabotage or harm yourself with your sin?

3. Commitment brings contentment in God. We have to believe that God is good and the good in our life comes from Him. Do you believe this? The essence of all sin is looking for good outside of God’s provision. Where do you look for good outside of God’s provision? How does the idea of being able to say no first help one’s contentment with God?

4. Contentment in God leads to confidence in God. Jesus’ confidence came from knowing his inheritance was God himself. God has given us a deposit of our inheritance in Him through his counsel, through the Holy Spirt, and many other ways. Where do you struggle to have confidence in God? How do you see the Holy Spirit and God’s other gifts as part of your inheritance? Do you see God as a good father? Give examples.