Psalm 15

July 20, 2021
Psalm 15
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Learning on The Way

1. Discuss the difference between salvation and sanctification.

2. Personal aspect: do you live a blameless life of integrity? Where do you struggle to align your actions with your words? Give some examples of how you speak truth in your heart about God, yourself and others? Which of these three is the hardest for you?

3. Relational aspect: do you struggle with gossip or sharing information about others? How has gossip and slander ruined relationships in your own life? What steps are you taking to increase the number of your friends or your loyalty to your friends?

4. Heart aspect: do you look up to and honor people who fear the Lord or do you look up to people that are unbelievers? Are there people you honor who act ungodly? Share an example when honoring your word caused a loss?

5. Money aspect: How do you use your money to help the poor? Thinking back on your own life how have you exploited the poor? Have you ever been the victim of someone taking excess interest because of a dire situation? How have you ignored the need of another because you didn’t want to help financially or did not want to get involved?