Psalm 1

April 11, 2021
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Learning on The Way

What resonated with you most from Psalm 1? What are two things the Psalms teach us?

The psalmist describes the descent into the irrelevant way. He uses the following three words “Walks” (Listens and entertains their ideas), “Stands” (Believes their ideals), “Sits” (Acts on their ideals). Are you being shaped by the “wicked” or the “righteous” (the two groups in this psalm)? Who is influencing you? Who are you influencing? Is the influence for good or evil?

Where do you get your strength and nourishment? The reason the tree in this verse (v. 3) flourishes at all times and yields its fruit in season is because the roots go down to a steady source of water, providing the nutrients it needs even in dry times. What resources do you draw from when you face those dry times of life? What if your relationship with God was so rich that you had a continual source of spiritual strength and fortitude? Do you have such relationships with God and others? If not, what would it take from you to develop those?

How does understanding that Jesus is the truly blessed Man sharpen your focus when you read the Psalms? What does this mean for your own pursuit of hope, peace, and joy?

If you had a chance to memorize Psalm 1 share with your group.