Philippians 1:27-30

June 2, 2024

Series: Philippians

Philippians 1:27-30
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Learning on the Way

What are some challenges to unity that arise from your own life? Do you fail to celebrate with other churches when they have successes? How does it affect the unity of the local church? How can you confess and repent of these challenges to maintain unity in the life of the church?

List some ways we need each other so we can stand firm in the faith? Talk about some ways that you help others stand firm and how others help you stand firm. How can we improve in helping each other stand firm in the faith?

What are some fears you have in serving the Lord? How can you overcome those fears? How will fighting along side your brothers and sisters in Christ lessen those fears?

How does the truth about Hell motivate you to share the Gospel with others? What are some other truths that motivate you to share the Gospel?

Share a testimony about a time when God sent a “Jonathan” in your life? How can you do a better job of being a “Jonathan” in someone else’s life?