Philippians 1:19-26

May 26, 2024

Series: Philippians

Philippians 1:19-26
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Learning on the Way

What do you think made the cesspool a garden of communion with God for the Chinese pastor? How can the bad situations of our lives become places of beauty and fellowship with God?

What are some wrong perspectives you have that were challenged by the sermon? What steps can you take to correct those wrong perspectives? What are some right perspectives we should have to replace our wrong perspectives?

How does the hope you have in Christ inform your perspective on life? How does service to Christ and service to others flow out of that hope? Give some concrete examples of how that is true, or how you would like it to be true, in your life.

What are you committed to in life? What is your greatest purpose in life? How do those commitments and purposes align with a life that is committed to exalting Christ, no matter what? How can we ensure our commitments and purposes are appropriately aligned with exalting Christ?

If the fear of death was completely removed from your life, how would that change the way you live (would it for the service of others and the glory of Christ)?