Philippians 1:12-18

May 19, 2024

Series: Philippians

Philippians 1:12-18
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Learning on the Way

If you were to make an honest list of priorities in your life, where would you place the advancement of the Gospel? Why is it so low or high on the list? What can you do to make God’s redemptive purpose a high priority in your life?

How are you doing in living the Christian life with thankfulness, joy, and contentment? How do you believe focusing on God’s purposes instead of your circumstances factors into living with thankfulness and joy?

How would you react if it became evident that sharing the Gospel could land you in prison? Would it embolden you or make you fearful? Why would react that way? How can we be sure we have the right reaction to potential persecution or hardship?

What are your motives for serving the Lord? Why do you serve God and others? How do you serve God and others? Is it with thankfulness and joy? Or is it with impure motives?

What do you believe is the relationship between Gospel partnership (Phil. 1:3-11) and Gospel advancement? How does our fellowship encourage evangelism and discipleship?