Luke 9:37-45

January 14, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 9:37-45
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Learning on The Way

Where do you struggle with unbelief? When do you find yourself struggling with it the most? (death, sickness, etc)

Do you expect for things to be hard in life or do you find yourself getting devastated or angry when things go wrong? Share a time you got angry with God because of the effects of living in a fallen world.

In America, we are taught from childhood if we make all the right choices our lives will get better. Where do you struggle with the misconception that if you work harder, things will get easier? (Family, work, money, etc)

Do you ever find yourself thinking that God owes you an easy life because of all the things you have done for him? Have you ever found yourself thinking that you have met your suffering quota and now God owes you an easier life?