Luke 9:18-27

October 8, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 9:18-27
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Learning on The Way

In moments of grief, struggle and strife Jesus is praying. As a Christian, we should not value self-sufficiency. We should seek to become more and more dependent on God. In what areas do you resist depending on God?

To follow Jesus takes two things: deny yourself and take up your cross. Is your life marked by self-fulfillment and self-interest? Do you think you love your life here on this earth more than your life with Jesus? What does denying yourself look like?

The cross represents shame, humiliation, opposition, suffering, and death. We tend to want earthly glory: respect, comfort, acceptance, safety, and security. How is God moving you from what you want to a place where you desire to take up your cross and embrace what the cross represents?

Jesus makes the connection that when we pursue earthly wealth, we are denying him and his teachings. In essence, we are saying we are ashamed of Jesus and His words. Where do you need to repent of denying Jesus? How have you wrongly pursued the things of this world to bring you the things you should be receiving from Christ?