Luke 9:1-9

September 22, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 9:1-9
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Learning on The Way

Have you ever interned or volunteered in a position before? What did you learn from that experience? What kind of questions did you have before or that arose during the experience? How did the experience help to answer those questions?

What kind of questions do you think the disciples would have had heading out on this first mission trip? If you were a disciple what kind of questions would you have had? As these group fo mostly uneducated fishermen and tax collectors begin sharing the message of the Kingdom what kind of questions do you think the crowds hearing them would have had?

Why were the Disciples told by Jesus to travel light? (Hint there were at least 3 reasons given in the sermon) How did that benefit the message of the coming Kingdom?

Who is Jesus to you? Is He the king of your life or more of an accessory in your life? How is your life ordered around Jesus?