Luke 8:26-39

September 8, 2019

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 8:26-39
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Learning on The Way

What’s your view on demons and other supernatural elements in the Bible?

The demon-possessed man was controlled by his sin because of the choices he had made to give himself over to it. We might not be demon-possessed but we can become controlled by our sin when we give ourselves over to it. What escape or comfort behaviors do you indulge in that may have become sinful? What do you have, don’t have or think you should have that controls you? How have these things moved you away from God?

A heart that is transformed by Jesus is a heart that serves others and shares the good news. Do you serve others or do you expect to be served? Have you been more concerned with gaining knowledge about God that you miss God?

God is merciful and leaves behind His witness even though the people reject Him. How has God shown that kind of mercy in your life? Have you ever considered that God has left you in situations and relationships to be a sign of his mercy?