Luke 12:1-3

February 11, 2020

Series: Gospel of Luke

Luke 12:1-3
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Learning on The Way

Sermon Text: Luke 12:1-3

How have you tried to use God’s principles in an attempt to get the things you desire? (In other words, if I go to church, tithe and read my Bible then God will give me a spouse or good job.)

Just knowing the truth about the consequences of the illicit desires of our hearts won’t bring about change. There must be a replacement of the lesser desire with a Greater desire. How have you done that in your life? How have you been guilty of just telling someone to stop their bad behavior in the past?

“If we are devoted to the cause of humanity, we shall soon be crushed and broken-hearted, for we shall often meet with more ingratitude from men than we would from a dog; but if our motive is love to God, no ingratitude can hinder us from serving our fellow men.” – Oswald Chambers

How do you respond when someone you are serving complains or is ungrateful? Have you ever thought of how complaining about how someone responded to the way you served them, shows how you were serving for yourself instead of the Lord, and makes you a hypocrite?

A life of hypocrisy leads to a sour life. Knowing that Jesus knew all the sin that we would commit and yet still chose to die for us should bring us great joy. Where do you struggle to find joy in being part of the family of God?