Ephesians 6:1-9

August 1, 2022

Series: Ephesians

Ephesians 6:1-9
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Learning On The Way

  1. Paul addresses children and shows the same dignity and value to all people regardless of their age. Does this match your view of children? Would those around you, specifically your children say you show the same dignity to your children?
  2. Paul is demonstrating God’s authority over us and how our submission to that authority is what’s best for us. Do you struggle with authority? In what areas or authorities are hard for you to submit to?
  3. The passage speaks to not provoking your children to anger. Examples were 1. Inconsistent parenting, 2. Selfishly exercising our authority, 3. Not paying attention to the huge impact our words and actions on our kids. Where do you struggle with provoking your children? Is it one of these examples or somewhere else?
  4. Our parenting should mirror God’s parenting of us. How we interact with our children should point back to Jesus and be based on Jesus teachings. Does your parenting rely more on how your own parents parented you- whether you want to imitate or are solely motivated to be the opposite? Do you find yourself pointing other parents to follow Jesus in their parenting or do you seek validation by telling them to parent as you parent/ parented?
  5. Paul is planting an idea that will come to fruition many generations later. He is teaching mutual submission among Christians to point us to our true identity in Christ and to allow us to live in true freedom. Where are you finding it hard to live in your true identity? Where do you find it difficult to have mutual submission? What relationships are a struggle for you?