Colossians 2:6-15

March 5, 2024

Series: Colossians

Colossians 2:6-15
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Learning on the Way

Where does your flesh tend towards legalism? What form does your legalism usually take? Where are you “comforting” in something other than Christ?

What are some areas of life where you look good on the outside like a beautiful tree, but do not have the roots to stand a strong storm? What can you do to be deeply rooted in Christ? How can we help one another do so?

Have some of the “discernment bloggers” given you a negative outlook on the Christian faith? What do you think is wrong with “the faith”? How does your negative view of the church and the Christian faith align (or fail to align) with what Scripture says?

Considering that Christ has cancelled the record of our sin debt fully and finally and has overcome the forces of evil at the cross, why do we fail to live lives of thanksgiving? What makes it so hard to be thankful?