1 - What Kind of Friend am I?

December 3, 2023
1 - What Kind of Friend am I?
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Learning on the Way

Do you fall within any of the statistics mentioned at the beginning of the sermon? Which one(s)? What are some reasons you are lonely?

Where in your life do you focus on accumulating friends instead of being a faithful friend? What can you do to change and become a faithful friend?

Are you a fair weather, negative, rude, or faithful friend? Which category best describes you and why? Do you have lots of friends or few to none? What are the reasons for your lack of friends? Would you consider yourself friendly or not? Why or why not? What can you do to be more friendly?

How has technology helped your friendships? How has it hurt your friendships? Do you know how to make a friend? How can we do better nurturing friendships with people in real life?

Do you struggle with a one-sided relationship with God- that he is either all about you or all about himself at your expense? How is this reflected in your own understanding of friendships? How has this impacted your theology?

How has Jesus been a faithful friend to you in life?